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The industry centric capabilities of our Industry specific BPO enable competitive differentiation and the promise to create business impact

Industries Specifications

Industry Specification Groups exist alongside the current Technical Organization supplementing the existing standards development process. An Industry Specification Group, supported by Working Groups where appropriate, is an activity organized around a set of ETSI work items addressing a specific technology area.

Advantages of ISG (Industry Specifications Group)

Quick approva: It needs a proposal from four ETSI Members and approval by the Director-General.

The founding members shall propose a specific ‘ISG agreement’ which will be binding on all the ISG members and will typically cover a statement of support for the work to be performed; any variations which will apply with respect to the ‘normal’ rules will be raised.

Instant operational-pack: The standard ETSI Technical Working Procedures apply unless otherwise agreed by the ISG members and the Director-General. The ISG may draft and approve ETSI Group Specifications (GS) which will be published by ETSI.

Quick setup: It gets immediate ‘basic administrative support’ provided by the existing ETSI infrastructure and provided from normal ETSI Budget

Our Industry Specific BPO services

Our Industry-specific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services address a wide range of business challenges with solutions customized for our client’s specific needs. The industry centric capabilities of our Industry specific BPO enable competitive differentiation and the promise to create business impact.

The scarcity of capital, demand shift and stringent regulatory norms have compelled organizations to become more agile and responsive to market needs. They seek a partner who has the industry expertise, can focus on effectiveness and deliver to business KPIs. TekisHub, with its vast domain knowledge, helps you manage and execute not only the traditional SG&A functions but also the COGS functions, thereby generating additional revenue.

We have work for years with financial services companies, and our new testing solutions are being piloted in a number of banks for their core applications to ensure smooth go-lives for their most critical environments.

Domains & Industries

TekisHub provides services specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of each industry

Banking & Finance

Our Solutions include inbound sales, customer care, complaints handling, etc.

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TekisHub enables global insurers with business transformation and operational efficiency needs

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Our experts have worked in manufacturing businesses of all sizes and sectors

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TekisHub has a specialist recruitment offering in the Healthcare and life sciences sector

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Designed to meet and help deal with complex challenges in the communications industry

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We help our clients successfully build and maintain a strong web solution that is well integrated

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